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The Truth about Moving to Guam

The Truth about Moving to Guam

For many, Guam conjures dreams of island paradise. After all, it is one of the most beautiful places to live. Thousands of tourists visit Guam each year captivated by its beauty, culture, food, and people. So, what’s not to love? 

At first, you might feel swept away by the endless things to see and do. “Ooohhhs” and “Ahhhs” are guaranteed as you explore the island. However, there is a difference between visiting and living on Guam. Sure, you can spend a weekend, a few weeks, or even a month or two on Guam, but until you finally pack your bags and move here, you won’t truly know what you are getting yourself into. So, buckle up and let’s uncover the realities about moving to Guam.


It's Hot: Embrace the Heatwave


One reason Guam might have captured your heart? The weather. The locals say it, you will say it – IT’S HOT! You might enjoy the sunshine while on vacation here relaxing on the beach, but after a while it can be too hot to handle. The only season we have on Guam is rainy season (July-November) which means very high humidity and mugginess. Ever heard of an “aircon?” It’s the local slang for air conditioner, and yes, you will be needing this. So, before you move to Guam, make sure that your place has an “aircon” because it is going to be your new best friend.  

It's Bumpy: Dodging Potholes


“Watch Out!” Yup, your friend in the passenger seat of your car will be saying that a lot, thanks to the potholes. Be prepared to experience the never-ending amount of potholes on Guam. Know how to spot the difference between a tourist and a local driver? Look for the one that expertly avoids the bumps. Just like any other place, Guam isn’t perfect. While we boast beautiful beaches and delicious food, our roads need some love. The roads are constantly being repaired. As long as you maintain your car and drive cautiously, you’ll navigate these bumps like an expert too, pretty soon.  

It’s Pricey: Cost of Paradise 

Let’s face it, everything is expensive these days and living on Guam isn’t an exception. The coconuts and fish in the sea may be free, but between gas and groceries, it is enough to break the bank. Being an island means most things are imported, which drives up the cost. Inflation adds another layer, so prices might steady or even increase. You might find yourself wondering where your money went, yet both locals and tourists agree — Guam is worth it. The beauty and charm of the island makes it impossible to resist living here no matter the cost. And if you find yourself missing some essentials and favorites from the mainland, see our Guam shipping guide for a list of familiar places that ship to Guam.

It’s Difficult to Rent: Housing Hustle 


Finding your dream rental on Guam might take a little extra effort. We aren’t talking about the process to rent — that’s the easy part. Many residents, both local and new, face the same challenges: a long waiting list for an incredible listing, deciding between a house or an apartment, and staying within a budget. But fear not! There are resources to help you navigate the rental market and ease your transition to the island. For realty expertise and advice, check out Living in Guam Realty: Renting vs Buying in Guam to help you find the perfect place to live on Guam. Additionally, here are 4 Tips for Renting on Guam

If you're ready to make the move, in the process or just got here (welcome!), see our Moving to Guam section for more helpful articles such as these tips for your first week on Guam, how to stay active and make friends on Guam and moving to Guam with your dog.

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