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Tails on Trails: 5 Tips for Hiking with your Dog on Guam

Tails on Trails: 5 Tips for Hiking with your Dog on Guam

So, you’ve got a four-legged adventurer itching to explore Guam’s trails with you? Let’s go! Guam’s lush jungles and views make it a paradise for hikers and their furry friend. But before you trek out into the boonies with your companion, here are five handy tips to ensure a fun and safe hiking experience. 

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1. Stay hydrated

Guam’s tropical climate means it can get pretty hot and humid out there, even in the shade. Remember to bring plenty of water for you and your doggo. We recommend handy, space-saving collapsible bowls, which can easily fit into your backpack. Aside from water, don’t forget to pack some treats to keep their energy up during the hike! 


2. Leash up

The island’s trails are usually dog-friendly, but it’s always a good idea to keep your pup on a leash, just in case your dog or others on the trail are reactive. Having a leash ensures your dog’s safety and helps minimize wildlife disturbances. We also recommend socializing your dog to other humans and animals before the day of the hike, so they are comfortable around others. 


3. Tick Checks

The boonies provide the perfect habitat for ticks, dirt, bugs, and all kinds of things that contribute to infections. After your hike, be sure to give your furry friend a thorough check, paying extra attention to their ears, necks, and paws. We have more tips in this article about medications, ear infections, and other helpful information when getting your dog acquainted to Guam. Respect Wildlife Guam is home to diverse flora and fauna, some which may not play well with your canine companion. Try to keep your dog from disturbing any critters along the way, especially giant toads in swampy grounds — they are poisonous to dogs (and most pets). If you see them playing with a large toad or notice them foaming at the mouth, immediately use a wet cloth and thoroughly wipe the inside of their mouth, tongue, and throat as much as you can. 


4. Stay Trail Savvy

From rugged jungle paths to coastal walks, make sure to choose a trail most suitable to your dog’s fitness level and paw protection. Listen to your dog — if they seem tired or overheated, take a nice break under the shade, and offer some water. With the different terrains, we may have hiking boots to protect our feet, but keep an eye out for sharp rocks, glass, and debris which can hurt those paws. 


5. Leave No Trace

Help preserve Guam’s natural beauty by adopting the “leave no trace” principle. Pack out what you pack in — don’t leave any trash and remember to pick up any dog waste. There’s nothing worse than stumbling upon a surprise left behind in the boonies! 

With these tips in mind, you and your furry companion are ready for many adventures exploring Guam’s scenic trails. For more tips and helpful resources for your fur babies in Guam, see:  

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